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MORE TRACTORS, 5 Utility Tractor

Product Description

Product Type: Solenoid | Replaces: 5L3648 5L4405 5L5353 5L648 5L8205 5LG48 5N2685 |

  • Volts: 24 |
  • Source: Aftermarket
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Replaces Part Numbers & Specifications THIS STARTER DRIVE IS A DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR THESE OEM NUMBERSACCUMAX 10-DE900, 10A-D900, 10A-D900SACCURATE 7-900, 7-900E, 7-900S, 7-900SUP, 7-910, 8-900CATERPILLAR 4M-1812, 4R-7057, 7T-8858DELCO 1115526, 1119804, 1119832, 1119848, 1119849EAST COAST STARTER DRIVE 900FORD C4TZ-11390-AMEGA INTERNATIONAL C-0398, C-398UNIPOINT SNLS-147CWILSON 60-01-3505TYPE SWITCH, SOLENOIDMOUNT TYPE 4 HOLE MOUNT FLANGETERMINAL BATTERY 1/2-13 (RH)TERMINAL COUNT 4 TERMTERMINAL GROUND 10-32 HOLE (LH)TERMINAL MOTOR 1/2-13TERMINAL SWITCH 10-32 HOLE (RH)TERMINAL SWITCH POSITION RIGHTTHREADS MOUNTING 1/4 UNTHDTYPE INS BASEVOLT 24 Product Notice As a parts distributor we mostly sell aftermarket parts (any OEM parts would be noted as such). Aftermarket parts are not sourced from the original vehicle or equipment manufacturer, but are designed to function the same as - if not better than - the original. All parts sold are new. ApplicationsShippingPaymentsPolicies THIS SOLENOID FITS ALL THESE OEM STARTER NUMBERS ON THESE APPLICATIONS.CASE 20-1297T91, 462588C91, 489717C91, 739911C9, 739912C91, A15485, A170678, A47498, D31845, D42964, L106562, L79906, R26136, R26137, R40563, R42828, R43343, R46156, R47368CATERPILLAR 0R2697, 0R4267, 0R4271, 0R4272, 0R5212, 0R5213, 0R5214, 0R5215, 1P7112, 1P9162, 1P9182, 2371962, 2M1431, 2M1464, 2P3926, 2S3473, 374458, 3L8205, 3S4458, 3S8473, 3S9207, 3T2775, 3T2776, 3T2780, 3T2781, 3T2782, 3T2783, 3T2784, 3T2785, 3T2787, 3T2788, 3T3430, 3T3778, 3T7226, 3T8452, 3T8942, 3T8945, 3T8946, 3T8947, 3T8949, 3T8950, 3T8954, 3T8959, 3T8961, 3T8967, 4M4615, 4N0959, 4N3180, 4N3273, 4N3313, 4N3343, 4N3349, 4N3387, 5L3648, 5L4405, 5L5353, 5L648, 5L8205, 5LG48, 5N2685, 6N0424, 6N9667, 6N9677, 6S9207, 6T0640, 6T0643, 6T0647, 6V0511, 6V0512, 6V0513, 6V0588, 6V0590, 6V0889, 6V0890, 6V0928, 7N6056, 7N8604, 7T4957, 7T9162, 853961, 859207, 8L8205, 8S3961, 8S9207, 8S9524, 8S9542, 9G6096, 9G6097, 9L2200, 9L5417, 9L6464, 9L6474, 9L6484CUMMINS 173184, 3000576, 3004699, 3004700, 3010125, 3021038, 3063771, 3603866RX, 3603867RX, 3603868RX, 3603887RX, 3603888RX, 3604645RX, 3604655RX, 3604658RX, 3632274, 3632274RX, 3636821, 4081236, 4081236, 4081236DETROIT DIESEL R0461125EUCLID E821132XFIAT ALLIS 70620350, 70675686, 70697811, 73114229, 73130196, 73130197, 73130198, 73130627IHC, NAVISTAR 462588C91, 489717C91, 690502C91, 729912C91, 739911C91, 793785C91JOHN DEERE AR11073, AR55313, AR72308, RE10464, TY6700MACK TRUCK 2132X10461057VERSATILE V102746, V61094WESTERN STAR 820013408, 820013409WHITE V1114238, V1114938ALLIS CHALMERS CRAWLERS HD-41 VT-1710 CUMMINS 1970-1973AUTOCAR HEAVY DUTY ALL MODELS (BY ENGINE) CATERPILLAR 3406 1975-1979ALL MODELS (BY ENGINE) DD 12V-71N 1970-1979CASE CRAWLERS 120C DD 12V-71 1979CASE EXCAVATOR 120D DD 12V-71 1979-1982CASE TRACTOR - FARM 9150 CUMMINS 6-1150 DSL 1986-19939190 CUMMINS 6-1150 DSL 1987-1991CATERPILLAR COMPACTOR 825C CAT. 3406 1978-1985826C CAT. 3406 1978-1985CATERPILLAR DOZER D8R CAT. 3406 2001-2006CATERPILLAR ENGINE - MARINE 3406 6CYL, 893CI, 14.6L 1986-19953408 8CYL, 1099CI, 18.0L 1974-19973412 12CYL, 1649CI, 27.0L 1974-19973508 8CYL, 2105CI, 34.5L 1986-19933512 12CYL, 3158CI, 51.8L 1986-19933516 16CYL, 4210CI, 69.0L 1986-1993D342 6CYL, 1246CI 1970-1974D343 6CYL, 893CI, 14.6L 1970-1974D346 8CYL, 1191CI 1970-1974D353 6CYL, 1473CI 1970-1974CATERPILLAR EXCAVATOR 245 CAT. 3406 1972-1988CATERPILLAR OFF-ROAD & MINING TRUCK 768B D-343 DIESEL 1971-1974768C CAT. 3408 1979-1996769B D-343 DIESEL 1972-1974769C CAT. 3408 1979-1996769D CAT. 3408 1995-1999771C CAT. 3408 1992-1997772 D-346 DIESEL 1971-1978772B CAT. 3412 1978-1996772B D-346 DIESEL 1978-1985773 D-346 DIESEL 1970-1978773B CAT. 3412 1978-1996773B D-346 DIESEL 1978-1985CATERPILLAR SCRAPER 621B CAT. 3406 1985-1986621E CAT. 3406 1986-1993623E CAT. 3406 1986-1993631D CAT. 3406 1973-1985631D CAT. 3408 1975-1985631E CAT. 3406 1985-1998631E CAT. 3408 1985-1991633D CAT. 3408 1975-1985637E CAT. 3406 1986-1999639D CAT. 3408 1979-1984641B D-346 DIESEL 1970-1981651B D-346 DIESEL 1970-1984651E CAT. 3412 1985-2000657B D-346 DIESEL 1970-1984657E CAT. 3408 1985-2000657E CAT. 3412 1994-1996660B D-346 DIESEL 1970-1978666B D-346 DIESEL 1970-1978CATERPILLAR TRACK LOADER 983B CAT. 3406 1978-1982CATERPILLAR TRACK TRACTOR D8N CAT. 3406 1986-1996CATERPILLAR WHEEL LOADER 988 CAT. 3406 1969-1976988B CAT. 3408 1969-1993992 D-348 DIESEL 1970-1973992B D-348 DIESEL 1973-1979992C CAT. 3408 1977-1993992C CAT. 3412 1977-1996CATERPILLAR WHEEL TRACTOR DOZER 824C CAT. 3406 1978-1985834B CAT. 3408 1975-1996CHEVROLET MEDIUM/HEAVY TRUCK D9K TITAN CUMMINS KT, KTA-450 1979D9K TITAN DD 8V-92 (T) 1979-1980D9L TITAN CUMMINS KT, KTA-450 1979D9L TITAN DD 8V-92 (T) 1979-1980DK90 CUMMINS KT, KTA-450 1976-1978DK90 DD 8V-92 (T) 1975-1978DP90 CUMMINS KT, KTA-450 1976-1978DP90 DD 12V-71 1971-1978FK90 DD 8V-92 (T) 1975-1976MK90 DD 8V-92 (T) 1977-1978N9E BISON DD 8V-92 (T) 1979-1980N9F BISON DD 8V-92 (T) 1979-1980CLARK DOZER 380 CUMMINS KTA-1150 1981-1986380 CUMMINS V-1710 1979-1986380 DD 16V-71N 1979-1986380 III CUMMINS NVH-450 1967-1968380 III CUMMINS V-1710C 1969-1978380 III DD 12V-71N 1967-1969380 IIIA CUMMINS V-1710C 1973-1978380 IIIA DD 16V-71N 1973-1978380-2 III CUMMINS NVH-12 1965-1966380-2 III DD 12V-71N 1965-1966380C III CUMMINS V-1710C 1973-1974480 CUMMINS VT12-635 1965-1968480 DD 16V-71N 1965-1968CLARK SCRAPER 310 DD 12V-71T DIESEL 1965-1966310 III DD 12V-71T DIESEL 1965-1974310 III H DD 12V-71T DIESEL 1971-1974330 III H DD 12V-71T DIESEL 1973-1974410 CUMMINS VT12-635 1967-1968410 CUMMINS VTA-1710C 1969-1974CLARK TRACTOR SHOVEL 275K CUMMINS KTA-1150 1981-1986475 III CUMMINS V12-635 1967-1968475 III CUMMINS V12-635C1 1971-1972475 III CUMMINS VTA-1710C 1969-1972475 III DD 16V-71 DIESEL 1970-1972475B DD 16V-92 DIESEL 1975-1986475B VTA-1710C DIESEL 1973-1986475C CUMMINS 1710 1986675 CUMMINS VTA-1710C 1970-1977675B CUMMINS VTA-1710C 1979-1986CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT CO. MISC. TRUCK CFA-13 CUMMINS NT-310 1971-1974CFA-13 DD 8V-71 1971-1974CFA-14 DD 12V-71 1967-1970CFA-15 DD 12V-71 1967-1970CFA-15 DD 8V-71 1971CFA-19 DD 12V-71 1971-1974CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT CO. TOURNAPUL BPA-11 DD 12V-71 DIESEL 1967-1974BPA-5 DD 12V-71 DIESEL 1967-1974BPA-7 DD 12V-71 DIESEL 1967-1974BPA-8 DD 12V-71 DIESEL 1967-1974BPH-5 DD 12V-71 DIESEL 1967-1968CUMMINS ENGINES ENGINE MEDIUM DUTY K SERIES K38 1991-1992K SERIES VARIOUS ENGINES 1983-1990DRESSER LOADER 550 CUMMINS KT-1150 1984-1992560B CUMMINS KT-1150 1985-1992DRESSER TRACK LOADER TD25G CUMMINS KT-1150C 1987-1993TD40 CUMMINS KT-1150C 1987-1993DROTT MFG. CRAWLERS 120C DD 12V-71 1976-1978EUCLID SCRAPER SS-40A CUMMINS V17-525 1964EUCLID TRACTOR 36LDT CUMMINS NVH-12 1960-196741LDT CUMMINS VT-12 1961-196741LDT DD 12V-71 DIESEL 1965-196744LDT CUMMINS V17-525 196444LDT DD 12V-71 DIESEL 1965-196646LDT CUMMINS VT12-600 1964-1967EUCLID TRUCK UNIT 201TD DD 12V-71 DIESEL 1969-197171TD DD 12V-71 DIESEL 1963-196674TD DD 12V-71 DIESEL 1965-196775TD CUMMINS NT-380 1965-1967R-35 DD 12V-71 DIESEL 1969-1970EUCLID WAGON 138W CUMMINS NHV-12 ENGINE 1964-1966138W CUMMINS NVH ENGINE 1961-1963141W CUMMINS VT-12 1961-1962144W CUMMINS NHV-12 ENGINE 1964-1966146W CUMMINS VT12-600 1964-1966146W DD 16V-71 DIESEL 1963-1964FIAT-ALLIS CRAWLER TRACTOR HD-16DP 16000 ALLIS DSL. 1960-1973FIAT-ALLIS CRAWLERS FD-20 8215 DIESEL 1981-1985FD-30 8285 DIESEL 1981-1993FIAT-ALLIS EXCAVATOR FE-40 8215 DIESEL 1983-1988FIAT-ALLIS TRACTOR HD-31 CUMMINS KT-1150 1983-1985HD-41 CUMMINS VT-1710 1983-1985FIAT-ALLIS TRACTOR SCRAPER FS-11 8215 DIESEL 1983-1985FS-20 8285 DIESEL 1981-1985FS-21 8285 DIESEL 1981-1985FS-22 8215 DIESEL 1983-1985FS-22 8285 DIESEL 1981-1985FS-23 8215 DIESEL 1983-1985FS-23 8285 DIESEL 1981-1985FIAT-ALLIS WHEEL LOADER 745 8215 DIESEL 1979-1980FL-20 8215 DIESEL 1979-1985FR-20 8215 DIESEL 1981-1986FR-35 8285 DIESEL 1981-1992FORD MEDIUM/HEAVY TRUCK ALL MODELS (BY ENGINE) - PRIOR TO 1982 CATERPILLAR 3406 ; 14.6L 1979-1982ALL MODELS (BY ENGINE) - PRIOR TO 1982 CUMMINS 855 (NHC, NTC) 1974-1982ALL MODELS (BY ENGINE) - PRIOR TO 1982 CUMMINS KT-1150 1978-1982ALL MODELS (BY ENGINE) - PRIOR TO 1982 DD 6V-92 1978-1982ALL MODELS (BY ENGINE) - PRIOR TO 1982 DD 8V-71 1979-1982ALL MODELS (BY ENGINE) - PRIOR TO 1982 DD 8V-92 1978-1982L6000 CUMMINS KT-1150 1982-1984L6000 DD 8V-92 1982-1988L7000 CUMMINS KT-1150 1982-1984L7000 DD 8V-92 1982-1988L8000 CUMMINS KT-1150 1982-1984L8000 DD 8V-92 1982-1988L9000 CUMMINS KT-1150 1982-1984L9000 DD 8V-92 1982-1988FREIGHTLINER HEAVY DUTY FL, FLC 112 / 120 CATERPILLAR 3306 1979-1984FL, FLC 112 / 120 CATERPILLAR 3408 1979-1987FL, FLC 112 / 120 CUMMINS K SERIES 1979-1987FL, FLC 112 / 120 DD 60 SERIES 1986-1992FL, FLC 112 / 120 DD 8V-92 1982-1993FLD 112 / 120 DD 60 SERIES 1986-1992FLD 112 / 120 DD 8V-92 1986-1992FLT SERIES CATERPILLAR 3408 1983-1987FLT SERIES CUMMINS K SERIES 1983-1987FLT SERIES DD 8V-92 1983-1987WF (C,P,T) SERIES DD 12V-71 1970-1978FREIGHTLINER MEDIUM/HEAVY TRUCK CLASSIC DD 60 SERIES 1990-1992GMC MEDIUM/HEAVY TRUCK D9K TITAN CUMMINS KT, KTA-450 1979D9K TITAN DD 8V-92 (T) 1979-1980D9L TITAN CUMMINS KT, KTA-450 1979D9L TITAN DD 8V-92 (T) 1979-1980DK9500 CUMMINS KT, KTA-450 1976-1978DK9500 DD 8V-92 (T) 1975-1978DP9500 CUMMINS KT, KTA-450 1976-1978DP9500 DD 12V-71 1971-1978FK9500 DD 8V-92 (T) 1975-1976MK9500 DD 8V-92 (T) 1977-1978N9E BISON DD 8V-92 (T) 1979-1980N9F BISON DD 8V-92 (T) 1979-1980GROVE MFG. CRANE TM-1400 CAT. 3408TA 1983-1987TM-1400 CUMMINS KT-450 1983-1987TM-1400 DDAD 8V-92TA 1983-1987HOUGH DOZER D-500 CUMMINS VT12-635 1966D-500 DD 16V-71 1965INGERSOLL RAND COMPRESSOR DL-1200 DD 12V-71 1963-1964INTERNATIONAL HEAVY DUTY PAYSTAR DD 8V-92 1980-1983TRANSTAR CUMMINS ENGINES ; EXC. KT 1985-1987TRANSTAR DD 8V-92 1980-1983INTERNATIONAL PAYDOZER D-400 CUMMINS V12-525 1968-1969D-400 DD 12V-71 1968-1969D-500 CUMMINS VT-12-635 1968-1974D-500 DD 16V-71N 1968-1973INTERNATIONAL PAYHAULER PH 350B CUMMINS VT-1710C 1980PH 350B DD 16V-71N 1980INTERNATIONAL PAYLOADER H-400B CUMMINS VT-1710C 1970-1974H-400C CUMMINS VT-1710C 1975-1979INTERNATIONAL PAYSCRAPER 350B CUMMINS VT-1710C 1980-1982350B DD 16V-71N 1980-1982JOHN DEERE ENGINE MEDIUM DUTY 8955T / A 0000JOHN DEERE LOADER 844 955 DIESEL 1981-1989JOHN DEERE POWER UNIT 8955 955 DIESEL 1983-1986JOHN DEERE TRACTOR - UTILITY 990 UTILITY TRACTOR 1983-1989KENWORTH MEDIUM/HEAVY TRUCK ALL MODELS (BY ENGINE) - PRIOR TO 1975 CUMMINS ENGINES 1968-1974ALL MODELS (BY ENGINE) - PRIOR TO 1975 DD 12V-71 1968-1974C500 CATERPILLAR 3406 1984-1985C500 CATERPILLAR 3408 1977-1979C500 CATERPILLAR 3408 1982-1985C500 CUMMINS KT-450 / 600 1975-1985C500 DD 12V-71 1980-1981C500 DD 8V-92 1980-1985K100 CATERPILLAR 3406 1984-1985K100 CATERPILLAR 3408 1977-1979K100 CATERPILLAR 3408 1982-1985K100 CUMMINS KT-450 / 600 1975-1985K100 CUMMINS L-10 1984-1985K100 CUMMINS NTC-855 1984-1985K100 DD 12V-71 1980-1981K100 DD 8V-92 1980-1990L700 CATERPILLAR 3406 1984-1985L700 CATERPILLAR 3408 1982-1985L700 CUMMINS 855 1984-1985L700 CUMMINS KT-450 / 600 1980-1985L700 DD 8V-92 1980-1985W900 CATERPILLAR 3406 1984-1985W900 CUMMINS KT-450 / 600 1975-1985W900 CUMMINS NTC-855 1984-1985W900 DD 12V-71 1980-1982W900 DD 8V-92 1980-1990KOMATSU CRAWLER TRACTOR D85E-12 CUMMINS DSL. 1985-2001LE TOURNEAU-WESTINGHOUSE MISC. EQUIPMENT BPH-5 2V-71 DETROIT DIESEL 1965-1966BPH-7 12V-71 DETROIT DIESEL 1965-1966LE TOURNEAU-WESTINGHOUSE OFF-ROAD & MINING TRUCK CFA-14 12V-71 GMC ENG 1965-1966MACK HEAVY DUTY CH SERIES MACK ENGINES 1988-1994CL SERIES MACK ENGINES 1990-1994CM SERIES CUMMINS 14.0L 1984-1990CM SERIES MACK E5 / EC5 1986-1989CM SERIES MACK E6 SERIES 1984-1990CM SERIES MACK EM7 1984-1990CM SERIES MACK RVI 1984-1990DM / DMM SERIES CUMMINS 14.0L 1984-1998DM / DMM SERIES CUMMINS 6C 8.3L 1984-1998DM / DMM SERIES MACK ENGINES 1984-1994DM / DMM SERIES MACK RVI 1984-1990F / FL / FS SERIES MACK ENGINES 1984-1988FDM SERIES CUMMINS 6C 8.3L 1987-1998FDM SERIES CUMMINS N14 14.0L 1988-1998FDM SERIES MACK ENGINES 1988-1994LE MACK DSL. 12.0L 1994-2002MC SERIES MACK ENGINES 1984-1994MH SERIES CATERPILLAR 3208 1984-1989MH SERIES MACK ENGINES 1984-1994MR SERIES CATERPILLAR 3208 1984-1989MR SERIES MACK ENGINES 1984-1994R SERIES MACK ENGINES 1984-1990RB SERIES MACK ENGINES 1988-1994RD SERIES MACK ENGINES 1984-1994RL SERIES MACK ENGINES 1984-1990RM SERIES MACK ENGINES 1984-1994RS SERIES MACK ENGINES 1984-1990RW SERIES MACK ENGINES 1984-1994U SERIES MACK ENGINES 1984-1985MURPHY DIESEL ENGINE MEDIUM DUTY 852 1140CI ENGINE 1964-1980862 1246CI ENGINE 1964-1980872 1356CI ENGINE 1964-1980MP-11 675CI ENGINE 1966-1980MP-12 735CI ENGINE 1966-1980MP-20 927CI ENGINE 1964-1980MP-21 1013CI ENGINE 1964-1980MP-22 1103CI ENGINE 1964-1980MP-24 1245CI ENGINE 1964-1980PETERBILT HEAVY DUTY 357 CATERPILLAR 3406 1986-1990359 CATERPILLAR 3406 1980-1990362 CATERPILLAR 3406 1980-1990377 CATERPILLAR 3406 1986-1990378 CATERPILLAR 3406 1986-1990379 CATERPILLAR 3406 1986-1990ALL MODELS (BY ENGINE) CATERPILLAR 3406 1980-1985ALL MODELS (BY ENGINE) CATERPILLAR 3408 1980-1989ALL MODELS (BY ENGINE) CUMMINS K 1977-1988ALL MODELS (BY ENGINE) DD 12V-71 1972-1982ALL MODELS (BY ENGINE) DD 8V-92 1979-1990STEIGER TRACTOR TIGER 450 CATERPILLAR 3408 1982-1985TIGER 470 CUMMINS KTA1150 1982-1985TIGER III CUMMINS KTA1150 1981TIGER III ST450 CATERPILLAR 3408 1981-1983TIGER III ST470 CUMMINS KTA-1150 1981-1983TIGER IV KP525 CUMMINS KTA-1150 1984-1986VERSATILE TRACTOR 1150 CUMMINS KTA-1150 1981-19851156 CUMMINS KTA-1150 1986-1992VOLVO HEAVY DUTY ALL MODELS (BY ENGINE) CATERPILLAR 3406 1983-1984ALL MODELS (BY ENGINE) CATERPILLAR 3406 1986-1993ALL MODELS (BY ENGINE) CATERPILLAR 3408 1983-1988ALL MODELS (BY ENGINE) CUMMINS K SERIES 1983-1988ALL MODELS (BY ENGINE) DD 8V-92 1986-1991ALL MODELS (BY ENGINE) VARIOUS ENGINES 1985WABCO HAULPACK TRUCK 120 TON CUMMINS KTA2300 1979-1987120 TON DD 12V-149 1979-1987170 TON CUMMINS KTA3067 1979-1987170 TON DD 16V-149 1979-198735 TON DD 12V-71 1979-198750 TON CUMMINS VT-1710 1979-198750 TON DD 16V-71 1979-198765 TON CUMMINS VT-1710 1979-198765 TON DD 16V-71 1979-198775 TON CUMMINS VT-1710 1979-198775 TON DD 16V-71 1979-198785 TON CUMMINS KT2300C 1979-198785 TON DD 16V-92 1979-1987WABCO SCRAPER 333 DDAD 12V-71T 1979-1982339 DDAD 12V-71T 1979-1982353FT DDAD 12V-71T 1979-1982WAUKESHA ENGINE MEDIUM DUTY F-2895 6CYL GAS, LPG & DIESEL 1981-1989F-3335D 6CYL DIESEL 1981-1989F-3521 6CYL GAS AND LPG 1981-1989L-5108G 12CYL GAS 1981-1989L-5790 12CYL GAS AND DIESEL 1981-1989L-6670D 12CYL DIESEL 1981-1989L-7042G 12CYL GAS AND DIESEL 1981-1989WESTERN STAR HEAVY DUTY ALL MODELS (BY ENGINE) CATERPILLAR 3406 ; 14.6L 1974-1978ALL MODELS (BY ENGINE) CATERPILLAR 3408 1974-1988ALL MODELS (BY ENGINE) CUMMINS K / KT 1974-1988ALL MODELS (BY ENGINE) CUMMINS L-10 1984-1985ALL MODELS (BY ENGINE) DD 12V-71 1974-1979ALL MODELS (BY ENGINE) DD 60 SERIES 1989-1992ALL MODELS (BY ENGINE) DD 8V-92 1974-1980WHITE MEDIUM & HEAVY-DUTY TRUCKS ALL MODELS (BY ENGINE) CATERPILLAR 3408 1974-1984ALL MODELS (BY ENGINE) CUMMINS K / KT 1974-1984ALL MODELS (BY ENGINE) DD 12V-71 1974-1980ALL MODELS (BY ENGINE) DD 60 SERIES 1990-1993ALL MODELS (BY ENGINE) DD 8V-92 1974-1991CASE 20-1297T91, 462588C91, 489717C91, 739911C9, 739912C91CATERPILLAR 0R4272, 0R5213, 2371962, 3L8205, 3T2780, 3T2785, 3T2787, 3T3778, 3T8947, 3T8949, 3T8954, 3T8967, 4N0959, 4N3343, 4N3349, 5L3648, 5L4405, 5L5353, 5L648, 5L8205, 5LG48, 5N2685, 6N9667, 6N9677, 6T0640, 6T0647, 6V0511, 6V0590, 6V0890, 8L8205, 9L6464, 9L6474, 9L6484CUMMINS 173184, 3000576, 3004699, 3004700, 3010125, 3021038, 3063771, 3603868RX, 3603888RX, 3632274, 3632274RX, 3636821, 4081236EUCLID E821132XFIAT ALLIS 70620350, 70675686, 70697811, 73114229, 73130196, 73130197, 73130198, 73130627IHC, NAVISTAR 462588C91, 489717C91, 729912C91, 739911C91VERSATILE V102746, V61094MACK TRUCK 2132X10461057WHITE V1114238, V1114938 SHIPPING TIME: Orders placed and paid by 4:00 PM EST will ship the same business day (excluding weekends and holidays which will ship next business day). 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Product Details

  • Brand:Rareelectrical
  • Manufacturer Part Number:686696266496
  • Interchange Part Number:5L4405
  • Other Part Number:5L5353 5L648 5L8205 5LG48 5N2685
  • Warranty:1 Year
  • California Prop 65 Warning:This product may expose you to chemicals such as Carbon Black, Silica, Crystalline which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
  • Volts:24
  • Weight:5 lbs
  • Source:Aftermarket
Price: $42.83

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MARASTAR 21423 20x10.00-8 Rear Tire Assembly Replacement For...

Antego 13x5.00-6 Tires & Wheels 4 Ply For Lawn & Garden Mower...

John Deere 1/16 High Detail 2020 Low Utility Gas With Side...

TRAC SEATS Yellow Suspension Tractor SEAT FITS John Deere...

John Deere ERTL 1/16 3020 Utility Tractor

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